When you eat a peach from Best’s you need a bib! Peach season begins the second week of July and continues into late September. We grow 20 varieties¬† and we can claim fame for our delicious peaches. Really! Back in the 1960s a man stopped to buy peaches and he commented that we needed to know who (whom??) those peaches were for, so we asked him. This man was a photographer who was working in the area and he had specific orders to buy more peaches when he was in New Jersey. That request came from…Mr. Walt Disney!

In July we also begin to harvest those delicious summer vegetables. Squash, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, and, of course, sweet corn. The soil on our farm is truly “Garden State” soil and it gives our vegetables amazing flavor. Our sweet corn is found on most area picnic tables all summer long!