What We Grow


April showers really do bring May flowers! We are very busy in Our Greenhouses. Since the early 1980s we’ve been growing annuals and perennials and beautiful hanging baskets. Not only do we supply local gardeners with quality plants but we also grow for 4 major golf courses and country clubs in the area. Hanging baskets need four things:

  1. A large enough container that is filled with soil (we use only ten and twelve inch baskets and fill the container all the way to the top!).
  2. Proper lighting.
  3. Daily watering.
  4. A good plant food incorporated with the water once a week.


When you eat a peach from Best’s you need a bib! Peach season begins the second week of July and continues into late September. We grow 20 varieties and we can claim fame for our delicious peaches. Really! Back in the 1960s a man stopped to buy peaches and he commented that we needed to know who those peaches were for, so we asked him. This man was a photographer who was working in the area and he had specific orders to buy more peaches when he was in New Jersey. That request came from…Mr. Walt Disney!

In July we also begin to harvest those delicious summer vegetables. Squash, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, and, of course, sweet corn. The soil on our farm is truly “Garden State” soil and it gives our vegetables amazing flavor. Our sweet corn is found on most area picnic tables all summer long!



Such a busy time of the year on our farm! Apples are our main crop and we’re in the orchard picking apples every day—sometimes even if it’s raining. Our very first variety of apples is actually picked in early August but the fall is “apple season”. We grow 30 varieties of apples which ripen at various times throughout the season. A favorite of everyone is OUR OWN Apple Cider, just the perfect mix of sweet and tart! Because we press the cider ourselves we have total control as to what kinds of apples are used, never any preservatives…and it is yummy! Pick your own? Sorry! We do not offer any pick your own at our farm. We have “pre-picked” apples at our farm stand and we maintain that we will not harvest any variety until it has reached its peak flavor. So, please be patient with us until your favorite apple is available. You may refer to the chart below for approximate dates.

Also available at our farm stand for sale–Our Own cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and Indian corn. And, of course, we have pumpkins, gourds and an array of fall squash!



Yes! We are open all year! Apples have to be kept cold so that they don’t get “mushy”. We have a cold storage room that keeps the apples at 32 degrees–just the right temperature because an apple will not freeze until the temperature reaches 28 degrees. We also continue to press Our Own Apple Cider all winter long. Make sure to buy a couple of extra gallons to put in your freezer because we don’t sell cider in the summer!

Making a pot of soup? We carry basic vegetables all year long so that you can also pick them up while you’re here.

Christmas keeps us busy with Christmas trees that we grow on the part of the hill that is too steep for apple trees. We also wind and decorate wreaths and grave blankets.  Fruit baskets for pick-up at the farm stand.

What is the farmer doing? We spend the winter pruning all of the trees to prepare them for the next harvest. A well-maintained orchard is necessary in order to produce the best possible fruit.