Handmade Wreaths

Yes! We are open all year! Apples have to be kept cold so that they don’t get “mushy”. We have a cold storage room that keeps the apples at 32 degrees–just the right temperature because an apple will not freeze until the temperature reaches 28 degrees. We also continue to press Our Own Apple Cider all winter long.

Making a pot of soup? We carry basic vegetables all year long so that you can also pick them up while you’re here.

Christmas keeps us busy with Christmas trees that we grow on the part of the hill that is too steep for apple trees. We also wind and decorate wreaths and grave blankets. Colorful fruit baskets are available for pick-up at the farm stand.

What is the farmer doing? We spend the winter pruning all of the trees to prepare them for the next harvest. A well-maintained orchard is necessary in order to produce the best possible fruit.